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Here are some helpful tips if your cartridge is not recognised or does not work the first time you put it into your printer.


1. When a cartridge becomes depleted and the message on the screen informs you that it's empty DO NOT click the "OK" button to change the original cartridge. Instead press the cancel button and press the flashing button / light on the printer for a few seconds. This will slide the cartridges over to enable you to change the empty one.

2. Make sure the cartridges are firmly seated by giving them another little push on the top of each one also ensuring you have removed the yellow tag to allow the ink to flow. 

3. Make sure you are not mixing Original Cartridges with Compatible Cartridges. This can cause compatibility problems.


4. Take the defective cartridge out and with a soft cloth or tissue, wipe the contacts of the chip in case there is a foreign body on it.

5. If your printer says the cartridge cannot be recognised, switch it off at the mains or un-plug it for 30 seconds. (Not just the On/Off switch on the printer). This clears the printer memory and allows it to reset for your new cartridges (Sometimes it may need to be done a couple of times).

6. If the above does not work, try taking all the inks out, close all the flaps and lids, then turning the printer off at the mains (Not just the On/Off switch on the printer) for 5 minutes. Turn the printer back on and then follow the installation instructions for the cartridges. We have found from experience, if this does not work, doing exactly the same again but putting a whole new set in, does work. Yes, it seems a waste and expensive but in comparison to paying for originals, it is still cheap.


7. On newer Epson models, the status monitor (ink level indicator) can cause a problem, so by switch it off, this can get around the 'not recognised' or the 'cartridge empty' syndrome. It is well worth a try. The instructions on how to do this are at the bottom of this page.


8. If there are missing lines or strips of incorrect colour, leave the cartridges in the chamber for about 10 to 15 minutes to allow any bubbles to clear. If this does not work, try a head clean.


If none of the above work, try going to for more useful tips or calling us on 01323 893006.



If you need to return your cartridges to us, please contact us to get a returns authorisation number.  This will identify the package and the reason for return. 


After obtaining the number, please return them to:


Badger Inks Ltd 
36 Church Street
East Sussex
BN25 1LD





Switching off Ink Status Monitor on Epson Printers:


Select 'START'
Select 'Control Panel'
Select 'Printer and Faxes'
'Right' Click on your printer icon Select 'Printer Preferences'
Find the box that reads 'Speed and Progress'
Click in the empty box next to 'Disable Epson Status Monitor' (A tick will appear in the box).
Select 'Save'

This process will turn off these messages and the ink level monitor. When the red ink light blinks on your printer to indicate that one of your cartridges is empty, you can still identify which cartridge is empty by pressing the ink button and lifting the cover to your printer. You will notice that the cartridge cradle has moved to the left and stopped. Look above the cartridge cradle and you will notice an arrow pointing to the cartridge that is empty. If more than one cartridge is empty, the cradle will move when you press the ink button so that the arrow is above the next empty cartridge.

Some older models do not have this arrow and you will need to repeat the above instructions to remove the tick from the 'Disable Epson Status Monitor.


We hope the above information has been useful and thank you for shopping with us.